No, my friend, do not bother.  Mr. StoneFace will not give away the cache’s location.  Yes, it is true, he hunted down the very cache we are searching for last monsoon to pick up the tiki tile that Fivé-Fivé had dropped - but he will give us no hints.  His face is stone, and his gaze is fixed on the horizon.  No clues - no subtle glances - Mr. StoneFace will not spoil the adventure for us.  Ahh - I see you are wondering why he is on this quest with us if he has already logged the cache.  Well, some say he enjoys the exercise, others feel that he is captivated by the Following Fellow’s tales.  Who can say?  His expression has not changed for thousands of years.†

Neatly stacked up: the entire set of silver TikiCoin Stackers!

This may not be entirely true.  Lord Pomsby wrote in his journal that if offered an exceptionally rare geocoin, Mr. StoneFace would subtly tilt his head in the direction of the nearest cache.

Mr. StoneFace completes this set of bronze TikiCoin Stackers.