Port Adventure, VanTiki Island - An Amazing assortment of ancient trackable clay Tikicoins has been discovered by Dr. Seldon Smiddly, Royal Archeologist.  “I can’t overstate the wonder of this find,” Dr. Smiddly told a small gathering of reporters this morning, “not only do these clay coins appear to pre-date the bronze age, each one is inscribed with an individual tracking number that still works to this day!”

The coins were located in a stone crypt, the doors of which are intricately decorated with stylized representations of the 4 coin groupings.  “There are 4 distinct types of coin,” explained Smiddly, “and there are exactly 100 of each type - 400 coins total.”

Archeologists and anthropologists are already generating theories as to what the coins were used for.  Dr. Elisabeth Latch, a history professor at the VanTiki University, has focused her attention on Clay TikiCoin #1 and #3.  “These two coins,” she explained via telegraph, “represent the light and dark of cache hunting.  Coin #1 is filled with joy - the experience of hunting for a cache in nature with friends is all that matters.  Coin #3, on the other hand, is focused entirely on the hunt.  This focus has taken all the joy out of caching, and you can see the anger in the coin’s face.”

Dr. Smiddly was drawn to Clay TikiCoin #2.  “The coin is heavily patterned with stylized camouflage, and is animalistic in appearance,” Smiddly postulates, “I believe this coin is an anthropomorphic representation of the cache itself.  A living, breathing geocache spirit - hiding deep in the jungle and waiting to be discovered.”

Oddly enough, the specialists are at a loss to explain the curious face of Clay TikiCoin #4.

King Mojo, ruler of VanTiki Island, has decreed that the coins once again travel the world, and the entire hoard will be sold Friday, July 23rd beginning at approximately 8am Hawaii time at the price of $25 each.  To commemorate the historic sale, King Mojo has produced 400 pathtags patterned after the stylized coins on the crypt doors - 1 for each Clay TikiCoin.  In addition, King Mojo has created 4 unique icons for the TikiCoins which match the pathtags perfectly.  Loyal readers, you did indeed read that correctly: Each Clay TikiCoin comes with a Pathtag and a unique icon!


Smiddly opens the crypt

$25 each (plus shipping) - Available 7/23/2010 8am Hawaii Time

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